Pudding Wrestling

Yesterday the match-up of the century occurred when Tina Machina and NoNo Bordello brawled it out in a pit of chocolate pudding. Machina Vs. Bordello

It was a sight for the ages. The outfits!

Playing Nice

The fans!

Machina Fan

The theatrics!


The chutzpah!


It was an intense bout. But who won? See the whole puddingy shebang for yourself.

(Note to self: Don’t think you’re being wise by holding the phone upright and thereby avoiding a sideways video. Technology is smarter than you.)


In the end, some filmmakers raised funds for their movies, a lot of pudding was splashed around, and no humans or animals were injured (the pudding was vegan). It was all quite…

Cosby Approved


List: Morning Alarms

There are a lot of little things that happen around here daily that you’d never know about unless you lived with us. Here’s a peek into what it’s like living with Colin and how our mornings go. These are the three most recent alarms he’s set on his phone.

  • Peaches – “Lovertits”
  • Flight of the Conchords – “Business Time”
  • The Gap Band – “Early in the Morning”

We usually end up having a brief dance party in the bed each morning.

List: Recipe for a Memorable 29th Birthday

(Image source)

2 tickets to Passion Pit

1 crotchety old man

1 waxed choocha

1 ride on the teacups

2 flower bouquets

3 lbs of bacon

2 smiling fruit bowls

Fruit Smile

1 Scooby Doo Valentine with tattoo

1 table for six

1 fish-shaped platter of sushi

1 bottle of unfiltered sake (or Korean makgeolli)

1 eternal question: What if it wains?

2-3 sets of duck lips with nasal suction

2 couch hogs

2 pints of Downeast Cider

2 former Subway employees

1 trash bag full of tapioca

1 bread bomb

6 front-row seats to a train wreck of a Valentine’s Day break-up; includes:

  • 1 insensitive jerk
  • 1 drained bottle of wine
  • 1 loaded, tear-streaked blonde who then proceeds to:
    • fall down
    • fall down again, knocking over a screen onto a restaurant patron
    • moan drunkenly in a bathroom stall

Mix thoroughly, spread out over two days, and savor.


The day after Nemo I woke to the clear, two-toned call of the Black-capped Chickadee. I’ve heard this noise all my life, but that morning there was no better natural indicator that the storm had passed.

However, there are some birds I’d rather not find myself subjected to on my Sunday morning. Take, for instance, the Northern Mockingbird (or mimus polyglottos if you will). This mimic chooses to use its powers for evil rather than good, and replicate “the sounds of squeaky gates, machinery, barking dogs, and humans whistling,” according to the aptly named birdJam.com. Or consider the Tui, the R2-D2 of the avian community. And if I ever find myself in Australia near a Lyrebird, I can’t imagine getting any peace at all. Let David Attenborough acquaint you with this talented vocal artist. No inaugural lip syncing here, folks.

List: Why do I love the “8 Minute” series?

I’ll freely admit, 80% of it is the outfits.

8 minute arms

Photo source: http://www.indirvideo.net/8-minute-arms-kol-kaslari–188137.html

But aside from that, it really is a good series.

  1. It’s straightforward. No frills, they get right to it and there’s a very convenient counter on the side that tells you how far along you are into the workout. A timer at the bottom tells you how long to do each activity for.
  2. It’s available on YouTube. Stream it, do it, feel that burn.
  3. It’s available on YouTube without the music or voice over. I select the “beep only” versions of the various workouts and then put on a playlist from InTheGym.net. The playlists are usually crap but they keep me in touch with the kids these days.
  4. It’s “only 8 minutes.” Everybody has 8 minutes they can set aside to work on their arms, buns, legs, abs, or stretching routine. Plus, they’re like Pringles and once I pop, I can’t stop—I usually end up doing at least two routines.

(What kind of flavor is “rippled”?)

And You?

What are your go-to workout routines?