Yesterday Rainn Wilson was tweeting a bunch of faux pho restaurant names.

Tweets from Rainn

Tweets from Rainn

Which got me thinking about the correct pronunciation of pho. The jokes only work if you actually pronounce it FOE. As in, “I’m fo’ years old” or “That mofo is fo’ years old” or “That fo’ year old mofo is my foe, fo’ sho’.” (I could keep rattling on, but I think my point is clear.)

According to the interwebs, pho is pronounced differently than what you might expect to find inside such familiar, easily pronounced words as “xylophone” and “arachnophobia.”

And in case those six seconds weren’t enough for you, this site gets even more particular about it with a few different sound clips.

It’s all clicking in to place now. Why else would we have restaurants like Pho Kim Long and What the Pho!? I’m afraid Mr. Wilson has committed a faux pas. And I really want to make that into “pho pas” but then I’d be falling down that same slippery noodle he did. Pho me.


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