List: Why do I love the “8 Minute” series?

I’ll freely admit, 80% of it is the outfits.

8 minute arms

Photo source:–188137.html

But aside from that, it really is a good series.

  1. It’s straightforward. No frills, they get right to it and there’s a very convenient counter on the side that tells you how far along you are into the workout. A timer at the bottom tells you how long to do each activity for.
  2. It’s available on YouTube. Stream it, do it, feel that burn.
  3. It’s available on YouTube without the music or voice over. I select the “beep only” versions of the various workouts and then put on a playlist from The playlists are usually crap but they keep me in touch with the kids these days.
  4. It’s “only 8 minutes.” Everybody has 8 minutes they can set aside to work on their arms, buns, legs, abs, or stretching routine. Plus, they’re like Pringles and once I pop, I can’t stop—I usually end up doing at least two routines.

(What kind of flavor is “rippled”?)

And You?

What are your go-to workout routines?


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