The day after Nemo I woke to the clear, two-toned call of the Black-capped Chickadee. I’ve heard this noise all my life, but that morning there was no better natural indicator that the storm had passed.

However, there are some birds I’d rather not find myself subjected to on my Sunday morning. Take, for instance, the Northern Mockingbird (or mimus polyglottos if you will). This mimic chooses to use its powers for evil rather than good, and replicate “the sounds of squeaky gates, machinery, barking dogs, and humans whistling,” according to the aptly named Or consider the Tui, the R2-D2 of the avian community. And if I ever find myself in Australia near a Lyrebird, I can’t imagine getting any peace at all. Let David Attenborough acquaint you with this talented vocal artist. No inaugural lip syncing here, folks.


2 thoughts on “BirdJam

  1. I heard about this in my zoology course last semester! I love this bird! Its incredible what it can do! This just shows you how special, unique, and important wildlife is and why we must protect them.

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