A Full Day

Yesterday felt like a day that was jam-packed with Doing Things. Here’s how my day broke down:

5:30: Up and blogging

6:30–7:15: Getting ready for work (Showering, dressing, drying my hair)

7:15: Cooking breakfast, putting away dishes, and eating breakfast

7:30: Cleaning up dishes and packing lunch

7:45: Leaving for work

8:00–4:00: Work

4:15: Picking up a few groceries on my way home.

4:45: Home. Putting away groceries and changing into workout clothes.

5:00: Parboiling the ribs I bought, starting a load of laundry.

5:15–6:00: Working out (8 minute buns), prepping rib sauce, changing over laundry and starting a new load

6:00–7:00: Baking ribs (turning/basting every 15 min), cleaning dishes, working out (8 minute arms, 8 minute legs), steaming broccoli

7:00: Dinner! SCD Honey Garlic Spare Ribs from Breaking the Vicious Cycle

SCD Honey Garlic Spare Ribs

(I’d taken a few nibbles out of it already.)

7:15–8:30: Relaxing with a book while Colin cleaned the remaining dishes, folding laundry, drying another load of laundry, putting away folded laundry.

8:30: Falling asleep on the couch for a bit.

9:00: Folding last load of laundry, putting it away, getting ready for bed.

9:30: Checking email in bed, then getting up out of bed to write emails.

10:30: Bedtime

Busy, but rewarding. The ribs were delicious! Colin said they remind him of homemade Chinese food because they taste like take-out ribs, only better. They certainly satisfy any craving I get for Chinese take-out. And I have leftovers to look forward to today.


3 thoughts on “A Full Day

    • Waking up early to blog is really working for me–it energizes me and gets the day off to a great start. Then I have the rest of the day to focus on other things and not be preoccupied wondering when I’m going to fit blogging in. Win-win!
      And this was definitely not a typical day for me. I think I’d be ready for bed by 5 PM if I tried to fit so much into every day. The ones who are doing all that with little children running around are the real heroes.

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