SCD Banana Bread

At the beginning of the week I had a craving for baked goods and a pair of bananas browning on my countertop, so I decided to give SCD banana bread a whirl. I followed this recipe from Comfy Belly, subbing chopped pecans for walnuts. It was fabulous.

SCD Banana Bread

I love how shiny and golden the top became. Because it was made with a blend of coconut flour and almond flour, it didn’t have that traditional denseness that almond flour baked goods get, and it stayed moist. I actually under-cooked it a bit, since almond flour tends to brown up faster than wheat flour and I didn’t want my edges getting burnt. Next time I might try reducing the oven temperature to 325 and letting it go longer. The sweet bananas and crunchy pecans balanced each other beautifully. I’m already craving another loaf!


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