I’ve officially tumbled into nerddom: I got a HabitRPG account.

HabitRPG Avatar

That’s my wee level 2 avatar, ready to gain xp or take hit-point damage depending on how well I stick to my habits. I can assign tasks/habits to myself depending on three categories:

Habits—things I want to do multiple times a day or stop myself from doing multiple times a day. Gain a little experience for positive actions (drinking more water) and lose a little experience for negative ones (procrastinating).

Dailies—things I should be doing every day, such as flossing before bed. Dailies that aren’t completed will inflict damage to hit points. (I told you, this is super geeky.)

Todos—one-offs I have to get done eventually. The longer they sit undone, the more experience they’re worth, so I have a motivator to finish up those things I’ve been setting aside, like finishing up my taxes.

Then there are the rewards. You get coins (gold or silver) for completing tasks from any of the three categories above. You can set your own rewards you “pay” for with your earned coins. One of my rewards is treating myself to a massage. Other rewards are in-game, such as purchasing some armor for your avatar. Certain armor has special abilities that will help out your character. For example, leather armor decreases your hit point damage by 4%.

I had the most difficulty coming up with rewards for myself. I generally just treat myself to whatever I want, regardless of whether I’ve “earned” it. This way perhaps I’ll be more mindful of accomplishing the tasks I need to, and fully appreciating the sweet spoils when I get to indulge. Less guilt over what I think I should be doing is always a good thing.


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