Cruise Day 1: Sea Day

This morning I was wrenched from sleep at 4:30 with the beginnings of a charley horse. I haven’t had one in quite a while but they nearly always happen while I’m sleeping. I stretch and then it suddenly feels like something has gone horribly wrong, where I’m pulled up through layers of sleep to a brusque reality. Luckily, I was able to relax my left calf enough that it went away after a few seconds, but now I’m wide awake. Guess I’ll have to eat those ripening bananas this weekend to build up potassium and avoid more spasms.

On to the first official day of the cruise, Sunday, April 21. This was a sea day, so there were no ports to crash.

cruise window at sea

My mom, who had been cruising on the ship with my dad the week before, gave me a tour of our ship, the Celebrity Summit. I was impressed with how pretty some of the lounges and restaurants were, such as Revelations lounge on deck 11.

Celebrity Summit: Revelations Lounge

Qsine, one of the specialty dining restaurants, had a charming Alice in Wonderland design aesthetic.

Qsine specialty dining cruise

There was also a casino on board, since gambling is legal in international waters. I snapped this rare photo of it empty before we left port, but a few hours later the place was hopping.

Cruise ship casino at sea

We toured the spa facilities, which included fragrant aromatherapy rooms and stone-tiled, dry-heat saunas; access to these could be purchased for the week for $79. We considered it, but ultimately declined—there were so many other relaxing amenities already available to us, such as:

  • a pool where you could splash around under the hot Caribbean sun
  • an indoor thalassotherapy pool with spigots gushing seawater in each corner, and contoured benches submerged down the length of it
  • two whirlpools
  • a sauna

Plus, we would be at a different port each day, so we figured we wouldn’t have much time to take advantage of any extras. My mom had been in Aqua class (first class) the week prior, and had been given free access to the spa; she had been so busy she hadn’t even used it.

We checked out the gym, the library (two floors), the wine bar, the martini bar, the photo gallery, the emporium, the theater, the cafe and gelateria, the kids’ activity room and arcade, and the various lounges and restaurants. I returned to Rendez-Vous lounge later that night to watch my shipmates perform some rather mediocre, but nonetheless amusing, karaoke. One woman truly sold her scratchy rendition of “Midnight Train to Georgia”. The cruise was off to one hell of a bang.


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