Free Comic Book Day

Yesterday Colin and I started our day with breakfast at Hot Suppa! He had his usual French-style omelette with chevre and mushrooms, while I had eggs Benedict (hold the English muffin) and a side of fruit. The Hollandaise was so light and buttery on my tongue; I will be craving this again soon.

eggs benedict

fresh fruit for breakfast

Then we wandered around the farmers’ market so I could pick up some honey from Tom’s Honey & More. It was so early in the season that most of the vendors had only herbs and baby plants for throwing into gardens.

Later, since it was the first Saturday in May, we checked out Free Comic Book Day at Casablanca Comics and Coast City Comics. Colin picked up scads of goodies.

free comic book day

He looted the free toy bin at Coast City Comics for the action figures. Some small child will be understandably deprived now that we’ve snatched them up.

In the evening we watched a female arm-wrestling competition with proceeds benefiting A Company of Girls, a non-profit that empowers girls in their communities. Like the pudding wrestling competition I saw in February, the competitors put on an amusing WWE-style show and really got into their personae, each of which had an entourage dressed in coordinating outfits. I have never seen chain saws, whips, floor-length braids, partial nudes, and harmonicas all in one evening.

competitive female arm wrestling

Voom Voom Val Halla and Metal Ace prepare to battle

After paying our admission fee, we were each given 5 tickets to spend on the competitors. In addition to crowning an overall arm-wrestling winner, a prize would also be given to the competitor who snagged the most tickets. This kept the audience completely invested in the event and made for some fun crowd interactions between us and the competitors’ entourages, who collected the tickets in appropriately themed receptacles (cauldrons spewing dry ice for Black Mamba, hard hats for Lumber Smack Sally).

The night was taut with surprises and upsets, and I can handily recommend checking out any female arm wrestling match that comes to your town.


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