The second Tuesday of every month, Greendrinks throws a little soiree for environmentally minded 21+ folks to come together, drink some brews, and help out a local nonprofit. Richard and I checked it out earlier this week at Portland Yacht Services, the home of this month’s nonprofit, the Maine Island Trail Association. MITA members, employees, and volunteers take care of 200 of Maine’s islands by boating over to them, cleaning up trash and debris, and teaching campers to be safe with their campfires.

Portland Greendrinks

Maine Island Trail Association

On the way in, Richard and I saw the Maine Brew Bus, which takes you to various breweries and lets you safely get your tasty beverage on.

Maine Brew Bus

We paid $5 a piece to get in to Greendrinks (discounted since we brought our own mugs). Then we were allowed two drinks each until 7 PM, at which point anything left in the kegs would be available first come, first served. There was one vendor, Rising Tide, which was serving up a specially brewed Maine Island Trail Ale.

Rising Tide Beer Glass

At previous Greendrinks, there have been several vendors and unlimited drinks—that is, until the kegs run dry. The charge was also only $2. The organizers decided to switch things up so that there’d be more drinks to go around (those who arrive fashionably late can still have a drink or two) and the nonprofits would rake in more moolah. I was a bit disappointed that only beer was being served, since beer is a no-no on the SCD; at previous Greendrinks get togethers I’ve enjoyed mead from Maine Mead Works and cider from Urban Farm Fermentory. I’m hoping future Greendrinks will have other sponsors so I can sip a cup or two.

But, the silver lining to not drinking a refreshing alcoholic beverage is that I had much better balance for playing Maine Islands Twister, where we found my friend, Tina.

Maine Islands Twister Map

Materials to Play Maine Islands Twister:

  • one giant map of Maine’s coastline with islands labeled
  • one 20ish-sided die
  • one numbered list of Maine’s islands
  • one person to roll the die and be the caller
  • some interested participants, with shoes removed

How to Play:

  1. Place the giant map on the floor.
  2. Gather participants around the edges of the map.
  3. Roll the die.
  4. Use the list to look up the island that corresponds to the number rolled.
  5. Call out a body part and the island with that number. Example: “Left hand, Little Chebeague!”
  6. Have player 1 put that body part on that island.
  7. Repeat steps 3-5 with remaining players.
  8. Continue with steps 3-5 the next round, choosing another body part to call out (right hand, left foot, right foot). 
  9. Let the jumble of body parts and rounds continue until there is only one player who has not fallen over.
  10. Declare this limber person the winner.

As you can see, I was pretty pumped about it all.

Maine Islands Twister(This photo and a few others below snapped by Tina.)

Richard Plays Twister

Tina Twister

It was a ripping good time, and if you find yourself in a place where people are doing weird things that you aren’t quite sure about joining in with, ask yourself, “Why not?” and go right ahead.

We were still amped up on Twister excitement when we found some props for a makeshift photo booth. Naturally, we made the most of it.

First, we were attacked by a lobster.

Lobster Attack

Then, we had a man overboard and had to attempt a rescue. Although it was more like Tina rescued and I wailed helplessly as Richard flailed.

Rescuers Down UnderWe may not be fit for the high seas, but we had a most excellent adventure.


One thought on “Greendrinks

  1. 1) Of COURSE you would find Tina at a Maine Island twister game.
    2) Your photo-booth results are the stuff of LL Bean retail decor.

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