Berrylicious Breakfast Blend

Over the weekend Colin’s cousin moved out, heralding a significant development in my morning routine. I can mix up smoothies for breakfast to my wee heart’s singing delight without waking anybody up. Naturally, this morning I busted out the Vitamix and whirred up a monstrous raspberry smoothie.

2013-06-04 raspberry smoothie

I threw in whatever I had on hand:

  • frozen raspberries
  • frozen blueberries
  • a banana
  • orange juice
  • pineapple juice
  • baby carrots

The carrots were an “Oh, what the hell” addition. I had them, figured I could use some extra Vitamin A and beta carotene, and assumed I wouldn’t taste them. I was right—no carroty taste whatsoever. The blueberries were even a bit freezer-burnt but I couldn’t taste that at all. It was cool berry goodness all the way down.

It took just a few seconds to blend it all up, and by the time I left for work, I had all the dishes cleaned and the place looking spick-and-span. It was a breeze, and it gave my usual fried egg breakfast a nice boost.


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