Stocking the Kitchen

About a month ago I took a pretty big step toward becoming an honest-to-goodness adult. I may be nearly 30, but I still don’t feel like I’ve hit a lot of the typical “adult” milestones, like getting married, having kids, or buying a house. I lived outside of the country for so long that I’m still catching up on making big purchases. Pretty much anything that won’t fit in a suitcase is a “big purchase” in my book—furniture, appliances. So when our less-than-a-year-old frying pan was already starting to fade, I took a giant lurch forward into this thing called Adulthood and bought an entire Cuisinart stainless steel cookware set.

Cuisinart Cookware Set: Chef's Classic

I bought my set from a certain chain store that likes to deliver 20% off coupons to my mailbox every few weeks, so I used my coupon, plus the cookware came with a mail-in rebate for a set of lidded bowls. I mailed the rebate in, and about a week later I got an e-mail saying the rebate had been processed. Since then, I’d been checking the mail religiously to see if my bowls had come. Wednesday they arrived, and I opened the box with anticipation, having no idea of what the bowls would look like. I suspected they’d be a couple of ceramic bowls, probably hunter green or indigo or something that wouldn’t match the colors I had in mind for the kitchen. I was completely surprised by what I pulled out of the compact shipping box.

Cuisinart stainless steel bowls with lids

Stainless steel bowls! And three of them, which nest nicely in the narrow cupboard I’ve since placed them. The lids fit snugly, and I’m quite happy with the quality and look of the bowls. In fact, you can find the set online for $40. I had no idea I was getting such a crazy good deal for a rebate freebie. (And after reviewing the comments on Amazon for the bowls, I know what to do if I ever see any spots of rust on them or my cookware. Hello, Bar Keepers Friend.)

Before this set arrived, we had zero lidded bowls, and when we had some friends over for a barbecue on Memorial Day, we had to use some plastic wrap to cover up the salad Colin had made. We ate outside, and it was a bit of a hassle keeping bugs from poking their antennae into the unwrapped salad. These lidded bowls will be perfect for future salads. Or storing unused almond flour pancake batter when there’s way too much for Colin and me to eat. Or whatever I choose to use them for, because I’m an adult now, by gum.

*Note: I have no affiliation with Cuisinart, nor was I paid to write this post.


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