Honeyville Coupon Code

Bob's Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour

Gulp! I’m running low on almond flour.

I’ve been waiting for a few weeks now for a Honeyville coupon code to appear in my inbox. I missed out when they had their 10% off sale last month—somehow the sale days flew by before I could place my order. About a year ago I ordered a 5-lb. bag of Honeyville’s blanched almond flour on Amazon. The bag lasted several months, but when I ran out this past winter (all that holiday baking!), the 5-lb. bags were out of stock on Amazon. (The free two-day shipping on these big bags were part of the reason I opted for an Amazon Prime account to begin with.) Months later, they’re still out of stock on this item, though it looks like they’ll finally be getting it in the next few days.

As I waited for the bags to come back in stock, I picked up smaller 1-lb. bags of Bob’s Red Mill almond meal/flour at my grocery store in the meantime. It’s more expensive this way, since you don’t get the savings of buying in bulk, and other bloggers (like Danielle over at Against All Grain) have indicated the quality of Bob’s is not as good as Honeyville’s. Though I’ve been baking much less since I ran out of the Honeyville almond flour, I haven’t noticed a big difference in quality since using Bob’s. Nevertheless, the convenience of having that giant bag around was wonderful, plus having a 6-12 month expiration date helped to light a fire under me to try new recipes and use up the flour before it could go bad.

I’d heard that Honeyville was very good at sending out e-mails with coupons or free shipping discount codes, so I signed up and patiently awaited the good e-news. Yesterday I was rewarded with a lovely e-mail from Honeyville advertising a 15% off sale on everything they sell. Yessss! I can finally get my huge bag of blanched almond flour!

But wait—isn’t it cheaper to buy the bags from Amazon? Yes and no. Currently, the price on Amazon is the same as on the Honeyville website. I’d get free shipping on Amazon since I’m a Prime member, and shipping on all Honeyville orders, regardless of the weight, is $4.49. So I’d be paying an extra $4.49 just to order through the Honeyville website. However, with the 15% off coupon code, the price (with shipping) on the Honeyville site just about breaks even with the Amazon rate. So it’s roughly even, but, then there’s another concern…

Amazon charges a 6-15% commission to the companies who sell products on their site. In Honeyville’s case, I believe they fall in the “any other products” category, and must pay the full 15% commission. Ouch. That’s a big chunk Amazon takes out of the company’s profits, and I’d rather my money went directly to Honeyville rather than the Amazon middleman as well. Plus, if I decide to scoop up the 5-lb bag of organic coconut flour, I’ll save 15% on that as well. And still only pay $4.49 on shipping. Hoo-de-lolly, hoo-de-lay.

  • The Honeyville 15% off sale runs until Tuesday, June 25. The code is: CRISP.

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