The Honey Exchange

Friday was a beautiful day here in Portland, and I was lucky enough to have it off. (I’ll continue to have every other Friday off from work as my company scales back our hours.) I took a peaceful walk through Baxter Woods, pausing to listen to the frogs twang their throaty banjos.

Baxter Woods Maine

On the other side of the woods I found The Honey Exchange, a specialty honey shop I’ve been meaning to check out.

The Honey Exchange Store

The delivery guy was just unloading his truck; they must’ve known I was coming over. There were tons of honey delights.

Inside the Honey Exchange

It was an SCDer’s dream! I felt like a pigtailed five-year-old walking into her first candy store. In addition to dozens of honey varieties for sale, there were books on honey, honey home remedies, gourmet spreads, mead, lip balms, candles…any product that could possibly come from honey or beeswax.

Honey goods

And even an entire gallon of honey for sale.

cranberry honey

Now that is a serious baker.

There were a few honeys out to sample, and I dipped my itty bitty spoon into a super sweet amaretto-infused honey (ingredients: honey, almond oil) that I will likely be going back for. It was tough to decide what to get, but I made out with a tidy little bounty.

The goods

I picked up:

  • California cotton honey—Made from nectar gathered from cotton blossoms; it has a slight tang to it, giving a complex bite to the sweetness.
  • Raspberry honey creme—Just two ingredients, honey and raspberries. (No added sugar!) Colin had some on his toast and thought it was fab.
  • Raw wildflower honeycomb—I cut this into 1-inch squares and pop them in my mouth. I suck the honey out, then chew the beeswax like gum until the flavor’s gone, getting all the reputed health benefits of raw honey in the process.

I will be going back frequently to restock my honey supply and try out other varieties. I’ve got my eye on the raspberry honey creme’s brother, the lemon honey creme. The Honey Exchange also have goods for beekeepers and general advice to give to anyone interested in apiculture. I can’t believe I didn’t go to this place sooner—I don’t know that I’ll be able to buy honey anywhere else now.


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