Battlestar Knitting

Colin is out in Michigan visiting family and friends, so I’m holding down the fort here and finding some new (and old) obsessions to keep me busy.

First of all, Battlestar Galactica has me completely enraptured.

Battlestar Galactica DVD

What took me so long to start watching this show? Everything but the first two episodes has been on Netflix for months now, and since Colin has watched it all already, I didn’t want to waste a rental on something he’d already seen. His vacation was the perfect time to get the first disc, and after watching it I was hooked. However, minutes after finishing the disc, I realized that sometime in between adding the disc to my queue and getting it in the mail, Netflix had decided to put those first two episodes on instant streaming. Oops. Looks like I wasted a rental anyway, but the good news is that with all the episodes now on instant streaming, anybody with a streaming account can watch BSG and fall completely in love with this show. So far, it is well deserving of its 8.7-out-of-10 rating on IMDb.

Since I can’t sit still for hours without multitasking, I have rediscovered knitting to keep me company as I plow through Battlestar.

lace headband and neckwarmerThis project is gradually becoming the convertible Center Row Lace Headband/Neck Warmer from Rewind Knits (free downloadable pattern). An accessory I can wear multiple ways? Yes, please.

I’m using Red Heart Eco-Ways bamboo wool in gold. Yellow isn’t typically a great shade for me (I look best in cool colors), but I love this goldenrod hue and since it’s somewhere in the middle of the warm-cool color spectrum I can get away with it better than most warm shades. It’s a discontinued colorway, and when I bought it last fall it was on sale for about a quarter of the usual price. I scooped up three skeins and this project is only going to take about one of them, so I’ll have to cook up another project to use up the rest. Maybe some coordinating mitts?

Even if this color is “so last year,” I’m still going to rock it alongside this season’s colors. I say the golden age is here to stay.


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