Who I Am

I’m a textbook editor, and I have a degree in media studies with a concentration in writing. I studied at McGill Unversity in Montreal for a year, lived in South Korea for two years teaching English as a Second Language, and received my CELTA in Poland. I’m an INTJ and I currently live in Maine with an ENFP actor/carpenter named Colin. Once upon a time, I stood on the Great Wall of China in blazing summer heat.

Great Wall of China

Why I Started Lunar Milk

I started this blog to get over my inability to finish what I start writing. For years I’ve had half-finished essays and musings slowly cluttering up my hard drive. I’d be struck by a Really Great Idea that I just had to launch into, only to lose interest in it somewhere along the way. And then the story or essay that I just had to write would sit idle on my desktop, never making it to the glorious status of Final Draftdom, instead collecting a growing layer of e-dust as it lay untouched. If I start a blog, I figured, I’ll be much more likely to post these snippets, these happenings, these memories. And, I hoped, perhaps the very act of blogging would improve my writing, clean off those rusty old synapses to start firing away in an active, creative way.

Since Lunar Milk’s inception in February 2013, this little Jedi mind trick I’ve played on myself has been working. Blogging has become a regular habit and hobby. I’m now drawn to writing in a way I hardly could have anticipated. I hope you find the writing here interesting, but audience or no, this blog will chug away, slurping up my mindblather and spitting it into a fountain-like arc.

What I Write About

  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet*—Wins and losses in the ongoing fight to wrangle a decent meal out of my kitchen. Sometimes I come up with my own recipes, and sometimes I try out recipes from other sources and review how they turned out.

*Since July 2012, I’ve followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to control my Crohn’s disease. This gluten-free, starch-free, sugar-free diet is designed to control all types of digestive disorders including ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, and IBS. It closely resembles a paleo/primal diet, and is mainly composed of fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, fats/oils, hard cheeses, homemade yogurt, eggs, and honey. The Standard American Diet staples of grains, breads, processed foods, refined sugars, and dairy products are not allowed. The SCD has been doing wonders for me, but not all my culinary undertakings turn out as planned.

  • Writing—Thoughts on blogging, creative life, and writing in general. I’m mainly interested in nonfiction (essays), poetry, short stories, and young adult novels.
  • Travel—Essays and reminisces on some of the places I’ve been, such as:
    • Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore
    • Asia: Korea, China, Japan
    • Europe: Poland
    • North America: Canada, USA
    • Caribbean: Barbados, St. Lucia, , St. Maarten/St. Martin, Antigua, US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas and St. John)
  • Shopping—I am not a shill, just a loudmouth about things I like—especially if I find a good bargain. Opinions are 100% my own, and in the extreme off chance a company ever approaches me for a review, you’ll know about it.

Thanks for stopping by! If my writing appeals to you, feel free to subscribe via RSS or e-mail. I’ll be updating a few times a week, primarily on weekends. And in case you wondered…

What Is Lunar Milk? 

Well, moonmilk was taken, so I had to start somewhere. Moonmilk is a crystalline cave deposit that was used to treat heartburn up until the 1800’s. So, obviously…really great stuff. Who wouldn’t want to model their blog name on something so awesome?

(Psst—want to see my first About page? Click here.)


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