National Nut Day

It’s National Nut Day! Isn’t it crazy how there’s pretty much a day for everything? In honor of this nutty holiday, pop open a can of salted cashews and enjoy this scene from one of my favorite mockumentaries, Best in Show.


Adventure Time

Jake and Finn of Adventure Time are this generation’s Calvin and Hobbes, mixed with a less grotesque Ren & Stimpy and a more adult Spongebob Squarepants.

I was skeptical of the show at first, ready to dismiss it as a crass, kiddie-sized version of South Park. But this show has merit. It’s got spunk, creativity, morals, comedy: all good things for today’s kids and adolescents (and adults) to see.

It’s a playground for creativity to run wild, chase dragon-tailed butterflies, and blow stinky green bubbles all over the traditional TV landscape. Sometimes it’s just nice to sink in to 11 minutes of play.