SCD Resources

My collection of some of the best Specific Carbohydrate Diet information, recipes, and products on the web.

Essential Information

New to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? Find out what it’s all about at these sites, and print off some helpful guides.

  • Breaking the Vicious Cycle—The official website for the book that started it all
  • Pecan Bread—Aimed at parents trying SCD with autistic children, this site has recipes and valuable resources for all SCDers, including stages for introducing different foods to the diet.
  • Eating SCD—Lots of great printable resources from this SCD blogger with Crohn’s, such as a legals-only list and cooking information, plus informative links; also includes recipes.
  • SCD Lifestyle—These two guys post podcasts and give advice on how to handle some of the biggest SCD hurdles.

Favorite Recipe Blogs

These bloggers create excellent SCD recipes with clear instructions, nice photos, and delicious results.

  • Against All Grain—Grain-free recipes for SCD and paleo dieters; these look 100% gourmet.
  • Comfy Belly—SCD and paleo recipes from a food chemist whose son has Crohn’s
  • Comfy Tummy—SCD recipes presented in a friendly, informal blog.

More Recipes

Hungry for more? Check out these other helpful recipe sources.


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